Workplace Literacy (Government-funded) service

Overview of the course:

Upskill your people – increase productivity.

Why do you need this service for your staff?

Developing a more engaged, productive workforce through improved communication skills.

Improve your employees’ loyalty by making them feel valued and that the organization cares about them. And with staff operating more confidently, you will increase workplace performance and see better business results.

Communication is key to your business running smoothly and efficiently. Successful companies need workers equipped with the right English, relating well to customers and colleagues, and functioning safely at work.

What is Workplace Literacy?

Workplace Literacy refers to the literacy, language, digital literacy, and numeracy skills needed by employees to carry out their workplace roles effectively. You need to tell us your business needs and our professional academic team will design the training based on it.


  • Improve workplace communication, face-to-face, phone, and email.
  • Improve health and safety understanding in the workplace.
  • Improve reading and understanding job instructions.
  • Improve customer service.
  • Completing workplace documents, timesheets, reports, and accident reports, etc.
  • Food safety.
  • Pronunciation and understanding the Kiwi accent.
  • Understanding Kiwi workplace culture.
  • Understanding rules and regulations at work.
  • Work-related language and terminology.
  • Digital skills.
  • Improve math and increase calculation skills.

Tell us your business needs, and our professional academic team will customise the training based on it and support your business for free.

Training cost:

It is a government-funded course so that it is FREE for all eligible NZ residents and citizens.

Course duration:

40-80 hours, depends on your staff needs.

What is the classes timetable?

Your business comes first. Classes are delivered with minimum interruption to work hours, depending on staff availability. We will help you determine the best approach – lessons as part of a paid workday, after-hours, or both? We accommodate to fit all needs. It could be 2 hours per week at a time that suits you and your staff, from Monday to Saturday, between 7 AM to 9 PM.

Course start date:

At any time during the year.

Training location:

We can deliver our training programmes at your site, or a suitable location.

Wilkinson’s Workplace Literacy Services

Wilkinson’s Workplace Literacy Services has over five years’ experience delivering Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) funded Workplace Literacy Programmes in Christchurch and other South Island businesses. We work with both large and small organisations, in a range of industries from construction and mining to manufacturing and food processing.

Our Staff

Our specialist tutors have a wealth of experience and have been approved by the Tertiary Education Commission. To receive further details on our tutoring team, contact us.

What does organisational needs analysis


It is a form we ask the business to fill it to help us to learn more about your business needs. And which area you would like your employees to be assisted.



1. I have one employee with language needs. Can WELS help?

Your employee can integrate with our current classes, or we may be able to provide them with a private trainer.

2. I have many employees with different literacy needs, can WELS arrange different classes to cover their various needs.

Yes, we can arrange a particular class for each batch from the employees who have the same needs.

3. How should I approach this with my employees?

Contact us if you have any doubts. Your discussions may change depending on the culture and background of each staff member. We have extensive experience working with people from all around the world, and are happy to assist to ensure that the most sensitive approach is adopted.

Stakeholder feedback

“We are pleased to recommend the services of Wilkinson’s English School (WELS) to all businesses in Canterbury. Our company has been partnering with WELS on Workplace Literacy (WPL) training programme for our staff during the past three years.

WELS offers high-quality WPL tailored to us staff and our business needs. We can say we have been satisfied by their work.

The response from staff was very satisfactory, and we could see improvement in their communication and productivity.

We strongly recommend the services of WELS for staff training needs, and we are looking forward to working again with WELS for future staff training.”

Rodney Fisher
General Manager
Canterbury Linen Services.
Apply Workplace Literacy